July 22, 2023

From anorexia to overweight to eating with joy!

I embarking on a grand adventure towards personalised weight loss and nourishing nutrition without even thinking of sliding into the so well tried, but not needed anymore coping mechanism of an eating disorder. It is like a quest straight out of a fantasy novel, except instead of slaying dragons, I am slaying my cravings for […]
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October 8, 2022

STOP! hiding from your success

Stop! Stop immediately! Why you ask, it’s incredibly relaxing here! I can neither win nor lose. Please allow me to stay! Allow me to remain in my secure haven! My home, my cave, my refuge! Why are you forcing me to leave? Why am I not allowed to stay here? Stop! Stop immediately! Stop making […]
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October 2, 2022

Why am I approaching Pilates teaching in a different way

I’m approaching pilates in a different way than the typical pilates class. I frequently combine Pilates with Life coaching. Why? I pay close attention to the body-mind link from the start. You are not a digit. You are not a robot who shows up every day the same way, and by simply listening to you, […]
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July 7, 2022

Why do my mind and Body not work together?

Why would i book a POWER HOUR XXL with me? -Do you experience recurring pain in your body? – there is no pathological explanation, such as a broken disc or a broken leg – the pain is worse some days than others – the pain drives you insane and disrupts your positive mindset – in […]
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July 5, 2022

The Core Confidence Membership Waitlist is open

I am overjoyed and proud. After weeks, if not months, of deliberation, planning, doubting, rethinking, and finally settling on a name for my baby. Yes, it was nearly as long as the combined lengths of my four pregnancies. I needed to make space for you! Where you can feel safe and nurtured, and where you […]
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March 2, 2022

Enough is not a number

As you are probably aware, my blogs cover a wide range of topics, from standing on my soapbox to my latest offer. And I’m always grateful for feedback. As you are aware, I enjoy chatting. While I was still in South Africa, I had to have my classes evaluated on a regular basis. While I […]
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February 24, 2022

I don’t like window shopping

I don’t do window shopping, I like to do things properly, everything or nothing. That’s something I’ve been doing since I was a kid. For me, everything or nothing meant tangible control. I had made the decision in my mind that I was not special, that I was not special enough to be loved. I […]
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January 21, 2022

Your Body is the key to your Dreams

Your body is the key to realising your dreams. What exactly does that mean? ‘Has she gone insane?’ I understand what you’re saying. I certainly do not intend to make a living by selling my body, so cross that off your list! Your body’s ability to sustain your life is astounding. It is nothing short […]
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December 15, 2021

5 to 12 is too late

5 to twelve is too late. . . Imagine you are watching this movie, totally engrossed and your whole being is in the feeling. The hero is about to save the girl, or in my case the patient, I am addicted to medical dramas. . . . and he is just not doing it, you […]
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